In order to fulfil its basic objective through synthesizing an amalgam of academic and practical expertise, the Institution has grouped its members into several 'Engineering Divisions' according to the discipline of their expertise. The Institution now has fifteen 'Engineering Divisions' as mentioned alongside.


These Divisions have the mandate to devote their efforts, individually or jointly with one or more other Divisions, towards search for new knowledge and product technologies within their respective or an inter-disciplinary domain. These Divisions are directed to take active steps to establish a close liaison between the Institution, its members and the policy-makers.


In order to broaden and strengthen the services of the Institution to the technical community and to the public as well, these Divisions are also directed to actively encourage research and developmental programmes through various promotional aids, such as Lectures, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and other educational programmes of the like and also the publications aimed at the dissemination of research results, in addition to extending technical consultancy and advisory services.


The Council of the Institution has also constituted various 'Division Boards' with the members of the Council as the members of these Division Boards according to their attachment to the various Divisions, and one of the members of a Division Board is nominated as the Chairman of that particular Division Board. The objectives of these Division Boards are to develop a closer and more effective relationship amongst practicing engineers and those in the academia, to maintain and expand the competence of the members on subjects of identified priorities, and to encourage the members and other engineers to participate in deliberations and actions devoted to the welfare of the engineering fraternity.