Effective from March 1, 2004

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Engineers serve all members of the community in enhancing their welfare, health and safety by a creative process utilising the engineers’ knowledge, expertise and experience.

1.2 Pursuant to the avowed objectives of The Institution of Engineers (India) as enshrined in the presents of the Royal Charter granted to the Institution, the Council of the Institution prescribed a set of "Professional Conduct Rules" in the year 1944 replacing the same with the "Code of Ethics for Corporate Members" in the year 1954 which was revised in the year 1997.

1.3 In view of globalisation, concern for the environment and the concept of sustainable development, it has been felt that the prevailing "Code of Ethics for Corporate Members" needs review and revision in letter and spirit. The engineering organisations world over have updated their Code of Ethics.

1.4 The Council of the Institution vested with the authority in terms of the Present 2(j) of the Royal Charter adopted at its 626th meeting held on 21.12.2003 at Lucknow the "Code of Ethics for Corporate Members" as provided hereinafter.

1.5 The Code of Ethics is based on broad principles of truth, honesty, justice, trustworthiness, respect and safeguard of human life and welfare, competence and accountability which constitute the moral values every Corporate Member of the Institution must recognize, uphold and abide by.

1.6 This "Code of Ethics for Corporate Members" shall be in force till the same is revised by a decision of the Council of the Institution.


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