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The Institution has also instituted seven memorial lectures commemorating eminent engineers of the country, to be delivered as a part of the Indian Engineering Congress every year. These are :

1. Sir M Vivesvaraya Memorial Lecture (instituted in 1968) in the memory of Sir Mokshgundam Visvesvaraya, a doyen of enginering;
2. Nidhu Bhushan Memorial Lecture (instituted in 1965) in the memory of Shri Nidhu Bhushan, ;
3. Bhaikaka Memorial Lecture (instituted in 1974) in the memory of Shri Bhailal Bhai Patel, and popularly known as Bhaikaka;
4. Sir R N Mookerjee Memorial Lecture (instituted in 1978) in the memory of Sir Rajendra Nath Mookerjee, the inaugural President of the Institution;
5. Dr A N Khosla Memorial Lecture (instituted in 1987) in the memory of Dr Ajudhia Nath Khosla, Past President of the Institution; and
6. Dr A Bhattacharyya Memorial Lecture (instituted in 1992) in the memory of Dr Amitabha Bhattacharyya, Past President of the Institution.
7. Prof C S Jha Memorial Lecture (instituted in 2011) in the memory of Prof C S Jha.

Glimpses of Personalities
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The Institution hosts the Indian Engineering Congress annually which is organised concurrently with its Annual General Meeting since 1987. The first Indian Engineering Congress was held in Calcutta. The Engineering Congress is intended to broaden the scope of interaction and transfusion of knowledge by letting in from within the country and abroad engineer-brothers who are professional experts in their respective fields to participate and effectively diffuse their experiences and infuse their thinking. The Indian Engineering Congress has thrown open the threshold of knowledge to all, both members and non-members, and has provided them with a Forum. In addition to the Congress Seminar and Sessions, eminent engineers are honoured at an event, namely, Glimpses of Engineering Personalities.