www.eGroups.com is one of the best-known electronic group sites for use by the world wide community. Suitable groups have been configured under www.eGroups.com so as to help members utilise electronic media to their full advantage.

Members can set up their personal data and passwords under the
www.eGroups.com site. The site www.eGroups.com has recently been acquired by www.yahoo.com, thus enhancing the functionality of the site. As a compensation for allowing you to use the facility, www.yahoo.com displays advertisements on the Group pages.

Except in the case of
e-flash, all members may post messages to the group by addressing the message to the group's e-mail ID. The group e-flash is open to all members but they can only receive the various communications from the institution.

Membership to these groups is moderated. The moderator may decide to step in and take control of censuring the communicated messages if it is found that the group is being misused. A person submitting a request for membership must give adequate particulars to identify himself so that their membership request may be processed.

There is no charge for membership to these groups.