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What are the Classes of Membership?

What are the Qualifications for Membership?

Give me an Abridged Eligibility Guidelines for the Corporate Membership.

What are the Privileges of Corporate Members?

How do I become a member?

How do I submit FIE/MIE/AMIE/ membership form online?

Can I make Online payment?

How do I get an Application forms for non-corporate membership?

How long before become a member?

What are the Important points to remember?

What am I supposed to get after the enrolment?

What is a Photo Identity Card?

What is Study Materials, Membership Pack and Identity Card for Senior Technician (ST) and Technician (T) members ?

What is Fixation of Term of Examination based on date of Enrollment as ST/T member Non Receipt of Study Materials / Membership Pack / Identity Card?

How do I get Upgradation of Membership?

What do I do on Lost of documents?

How do I record my Change of Address?

What is the Interactive Voice Response System Number and what are its utilities ?

How can I get IEI Journals?

How can I Log in through the website?

What are the fees for various grades of membership?



Classes of Membership

The Institution of Engineers (India), IEI consists of membership in the following orders:  Honorary, Corporate and Non-Corporate. The Honorary Members comprises the Classes of Honorary Fellows and Honorary Life Fellows. The Corporate and Non-Corporate Members comprises the following classes




Fellow – FIE


Member – MIE


Associate Member – AMIE




Student Member – SMIE


Member Technologist – MTIE


Associate Member Technologist – AMTIE


Senior Technician – ST


Technician – T


Institutional Member – IM



Qualifications for Membership


Qualification for Membership as described in the Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Council is applicable for every candidates for election as member of any class. Please refer to page 13 to 18, clause no 44 – 56 of Bye-Laws and Regulations.  



Abridged Eligibility Guidelines for the Corporate Membership:


Click here to see the details of Abridged Eligibility Guidelines for the Corporate Membership.



Privileges of Corporate Members :



Entitlement to have ‘Chartered Engineer’ certificate on payment of requisite fee


Entitlement to receive IEI’s journals, technical monographs, papers, conference proceedings


Entitlement to receive copies of IEI News and Technorama free of cost


Access to web-based e-groups for professional interaction


Access to the Engineering Information Service Centre (EISC) at the Headquarters as well as at the state and local centres


Participation in continuing education programme at the Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Hyderabad and at state and local centres


Participation in the numerous seminars, symposia, conventions, workshops, lectures, conferences, congresses and other events held at national, regional and local levels.


Participation in international conferences


Entitlement to enjoy facilities and benefits from 27 foreign professional bodies with whom IEI has bilateral relationships


Opportunity to act as arbitrators in arbitration matters relating to engineering jobs and services


Sharing ideas, know-how and experience with fellow members by publishing articles in IEI’s journals


Entitlement to reserve and stay in retiring rooms available at the Headquarters and at Centres at concessional rates.


A Corporate Member receives a Letter of election. All the above privileges given to him are stated in this letter.



How to become a member


Application forms for Corporate Membership FIE/MIE/AMIE are available at IEI State and Local Centre. Forms can also be downloaded from the website. Hard copy of the application form duly filled in along with the requisite documents duly attested by FIE/MIE/AMIE as specified in the form must be sent to the Headquarters. The application form must be signed by the supporter(s), who is a member of the IEI in the Category of FIE/MIE/AMIE, quoting the valid membership number. All the copies of documents accompanying the membership form must be attested by one of the supporters who has signed the membership form. Remittance should be made by Demand Draft (DD) in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, payable at Kolkata. The draft should be sent along with the membership application form addressed to The Director (Membership), The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700020,superscribing on the top of the envelope ‘Membership Application Form’.



Online submission of Corporate Membership form


Facility of online submission of application form for Fellow, Member and Associate Member is available. Click on - Online Application for the services.
However, at present this facility does not include the upgradation of membership of the existing member from one class of membership to another class. Therefore, existing members are requested not to use this facility.




Online payment


Facility of online payment for other services is also available.Click here for Payment Gateway
While going through online payment, the reference number and payment transaction ID number must be noted and mentioned on the top of the hard copy of the membership application form while sending it along with the documents. The same procedure is to be followed as stated above for sending the hard copy of the application form.



Application forms for Non-corporate Membership


Membership application form for Senior Technician (ST) / Technician (T) is available at our website. The ST/T application form with prospectus is also available at all State/Local Centres/Overseas Chapters as well as at the Headquarters of IEI. For procurement of ST/ T application form with prospectus, apply for the same or download (click here). The procedure to apply for ST/T membership is same as described for Corporate Membership.

Click here to see the details of Eligibility Criteria & Educational Qualifications for becoming Technician (T) and Senior Technician (ST) Member



How long before become a member


 Acknowledgement is sent by SMS regarding receipt of money within seven working days after receiving the documents. The SMS massage containing the reference no should be noted for any future communication. The processing of application for enrollment as corporate member normally takes two months time and that of non corporate ST/T members takes three months time at present from the date of acknowledgement.

In case of non-receipt of SMS, please use our IVRS No. (033)40155400 to ascertain receipt of money by giving the six-digit DD number. This will also prompt the 12 digit Ref No. which is unique number to identify every application. For any future communication with the headquarters till the enrolment and to know about the status through IVRS, this 12 digit reference number should be quoted/used.



Important points to remember


*       Please do not forget to attest all the documents i.e. copy of date of birth proof, marksheets, certificates, proof of employment mentioning present designation (or last held designation as applicable for superannuated applicants for Fellowship) and date of holding the post (for corporate membership),chronological engineering career (for corporate membership) etc by the supporters or one of the supporter who has signed the membership application form. The supporter must be a Corporate Member of IEI in the grade of FIE/MIE/AMIE only.


*       Quote telephone number/mobile number/e-mail ID in the membership application form as well as other communication with Headquarters for quick response.


*      Quote mobile number to get SMS acknowledgement of receipt of money as well as other important announcement.


*     List of applicants, having any deficiency / discrepancy in their applications are available in the website. Please go through the list before making any enquiry at Headquarters.


*       Applicants are requested to enquiry their status of application for membership only after the normal processing time as mentioned above.


*   Membership related queries through IVRS:

Before making membership related queries / correspondence to IEI headquarters through telephone / email (email id: the following should be ensured:-


The ‘New Enrolment’ list as available in the website is checked.


The list of ‘Discrepancies in application’ in the website is checked.


The query has been routed through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)-(033)40155400.


The usual processing time as mentioned in the respective membership application form is already over.



What am I supposed to get after the enrolment 


The list of Corporate Members, after their enrollment as FIE/MIE/AMIE will be available in the website under the section ‘New Enrollment’. Every member after the enrolment is expected to receive the letter of Election, code of Ethies by ordinary post and the certificate by registered post or courier service only.

The list of Senior Technician (ST) and Technician (T) members, after the enrolment will be available in the website under the section ‘New Enrollment’.The newly enrolled ST/T members are expected to receive the Letter of Election , Photo Identity Card, Study Material and Membership Pack.

Study Materials and Membership Pack are sent by speed post/registered post within two months time after the enrolment. Photo Identity Card and Letter of Election for ST/T members are also sent separately by registered post within two months time after the enrolment.

For non-receipt of Photo Identity Card and Study Materials, ST/T members are advised to visit our website and check the lists of undelivered Study Materials / Photo Identity Cards.



Photo Identity Card :


Photo Identity Card is issued to every Corporate Member (FIE/MIE/AMIE) after the enrollment of membership. It takes normally three months time to process and despatch the Photo Identity Card by registered post. Existing Corporate Member , not having the Photo Identity Card, may apply on prescribed downloadable proforma (click here) quoting the membership number, affixing two stamp size photographs and a demand draft (DD), of Rs. 250/- only for India and US $25 for other countries in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, payable at Kolkata,addressed to Director (Membership), The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700020.



Study Materials, Membership Pack and Identity Card for Senior Technician (ST) and Technician (T) members


ST/T members are eligible to get the Study materials, Membership Pack and Identity Card after their enrollment. The study material consists of four volumes in the following subjects :


v  Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing

v  Materials Science and Engineering

v  Computing and Informatics

v  Society and Environment


Membership pack contains of Rules (Vol-I) and Syllabi (Vol-II) of the Institution Examinations, 12 sets of Examination Application Form with envelops, proforma for Replacement of Identity Card, proforma for Change of Branch/optional Subject, and proforma for Duplicate Marksheet/Duplicate Certificate etc.  Study Materials and Membership Pack are despatched together by Speed Post and Identity Cards are despatched by Registered Post within two to three months after the date of election/enrollment.



Fixation of Term of Examination based on date of Enrollment as ST/T member


Candidates enrolled between March 01 – August 31


Eligible to appear for the first time in Winter Examination (same year)




September 01 – February 28/29


Summer Examination (next year)


The first examination that the candidates are eligible to appear is depending on their date of election as mentioned above.



Non receipt of Study Materials / Membership Pack / Identity Card


A number of Study Materials, Membership Pack and Identity Card is returned ‘undelivered (RLO)’ by the postal authority due to various reason like ‘not claimed/not found/addressee left etc. A list of such membership numbers are available in the website under the section ‘Non-delivery – Study Material’ and 'Non-delivery – Identity Card’. The list is updated normally once in a month. Please see whether your name is appearing in the list, if you have not received the above documents within the stipulated time as mentioned. If your name is appearing in the list, please send a demand draft for Rs. 265/- for non receipt of the Study Material and Membership Pack in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, payable at Kolkata, and Rs. 30/- by demand draft (DD) or a self addressed envelope affixing postage stamp of Rs.30/- for non receipt of Identity Card.


Existing ST/T members, not having the study materials, membership pack may apply for the same quoting their name and membership number.


Cost of Study Materials


Rs. 2200/- India/Nepal

(for four subjects)


US $ 220 other countries




Study Materials


Rs. 550/- India/Nepal

(for each subject)


US $ 55  other countries




Membership Pack


Rs. 600/- India/Nepal



US $ 60 other countries



Upgradation of Membership


Existing members are eligible to upgrade or transfer to their higher grade of membership provided they are satisfying the eligibility criteria as laid down in the Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Council of IEI. Please see the abridged Eligibility Guidelines for membership and ‘Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Council’ before applying for the same. The procedure for applying for higher grade of membership is same as described under the section ‘How to become a member’.



Lost of documents


If you have lost your Membership Certificate, please apply in a plain paper for duplicate quoting your name and membership number with requisite fee by demand draft (DD) in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, payable at Kolkata addressed to the Director (Membership), The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700020. For duplicate Identity Card (ST/T members), please apply on prescribed downloadable proforma (click here).


The schedule of fee for different items are given below : :



India & Nepal

US $ for SAARC or any other Countries

Duplicate Certificate



Duplicate Identity Card (for ST/T members)



Photo Identity Card for Corporate Members



Printed copy of Technician’s Journal (optional) from June 2011 issue and onwards

100/- (for 1year)

10 (for 1year)

500/-(for 6 years)

50(for 6 years)



Change of Address


Change of address should be intimated to headquarters of the Institution office without delay by any of the following means:


By logging-in through our website


By sending email to :, or


By sending Letter addressed to the

Director (Membership),
The Institution of Engineers (India),
8 Gokhale Road,
Kolkata 700020.

Senior Technician (ST)/Technician (T) member are requested to apply for change of address by filling up the downloaded proforma for ‘Replacement of Identity Card’ click here available at our website along with a demand draft of Rs.l50/- (for India/Nepal) or US $ 15 (for other countries).



Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS):


IVRS is a telephone based automatic response system where the caller can be responded/answered through recorded voice on various issues/queries including membership. All what have to be done by the caller is to dial (033)40155400 and follow the instructions as sounded by the system. The IVR System can extract data from the central database as maintained in the headquarters and can address queries on the following:-

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Payment and to know the 12-digit Ref No. through ‘Payment Details’ option

Whether the application has got any discrepancy

Whether the application has been processed and membership number generated

Whether the desired change in address has been effected in the database

Whether Study Materials (for ST/T members) have been dispatched

Whether Chartered Engineer certificate has been printed



Journals of The Institution of Engineers (India):


The Institution of Engineers (India) has tied up with M/S Springer (India) Pvt Ltd, a globally reputed publishing house for International journals. Corporate Members of the Institution can view the soft copy of the IEI journals free of cost by logging in through the website The detailed process for logging-in is described below.

Series-wise tariff for hard copy of the Journals

Series of Journals of IEI

Number of issues per year

Annual Subscription per series for Corporate Members of IEI (paying in INR)

Annual Subscription per series for Corporate Members of IEI (paying in US$)

Series A




Series B

Series C

Series D




Series E


Series A includes journals of Civil, Architectural, Environmental and Agricultural Engineering, Series B includes journals of Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Computer Engineering, Series C includes journals of Mechanical, Aerospace, Production and Marine Engineering, Series D includes journals of Metallurgical & Materials and Mining Engineering and Series E includes journals of Chemical and Textile Engineering.

To subscribe for hard copy of Institution Journals, the application should be sent in a plain paper with the requisite amount by Demand Draft (DD) in favour of ‘Springer (India) Private Limited’ payable at New Delhi, mentioning membership number, the number of the journal-series required (viz. Series-A/B/C/D/E), and the detailed contact information (including the postal address of the applicant), to the following address:

Mr. Alvin K Masih
Assistant Manager – Subscriptions,
Springer India Pvt. Ltd.,
7th Floor,
Vijaya Building,
17, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi 110001 /

ST/T members are eligible to access the e-journals by logging in. However, printed copies of the journals may be purchased by applying through prescribed proforma and making remittance as per the rate mentioned in the respective table. The proforma is available in the soft copy of the Technician’s journal.

For further details about IEI journals, please visit our website



Procedure to Log in:


On clicking the ‘Log In’ tab on the homepage, a ‘Member Login’ window will appear on the right side. Membership Category should be entered along with seven digits continuously (e.g. AM0123456) as the Login id. To avail password, the ‘Get Password’ option should be clicked and the Password will be automatically send via SMS/e-mail. If unable to do so for any reason, an e-mail should be sent to requesting for password by giving membership no, mobile no. and e-mail id.



The life membership fees for applicants from India/Nepal are mentioned below.

Fellow (FIE) -



Member (MIE) -



Associate Member (AMIE) -



Student Member (SMIE) -



Sr. Technician (ST) -



Technician (T) -



Associate Member Technologist (AMTIE) -


Member Technologist (MTIE) -



Institutional Member (IM) -

Rs.150000 + S.Tax


Applicants from countries other than India/Nepal are supposed to pay in US$. The details are mentioned in the respective application forms.




Payment :
All remittances must be made by demand draft (DD) in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’ payable at Kolkata. Online payment, by using Credit Card is not acceptable who are remitting in US $.

Address for Communication :

KOLKATA 700020
IVRS Number (033) 40155400